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Crochet Sushi Pattern

crochet sushi pattern

Hello again!  I know that it has been a little while, and to be honest if you look at the past few posts I’ve written I’m pretty sure they have all started out with “it’s been a while…” or “it’s been a little quiet around here lately…” but, I am planning to change that! 🙂  I have a lot of fun ideas in the works for new fresh patterns, and project inspiration posts!  My new goal is to post three times per week with a pattern round-up on Mondays, project or pattern on Wednesdays, and a project inspiration post on Fridays so please stay tuned!!

To kickoff my new bloggy schedule, today I am sharing with you a super fun and simple crochet pattern….crochet sushi!  Sushi is such a beautiful food, I wish I could say that I enjoyed eating it but I just don’t.  Its not the fact that it’s raw fish or has a seaweed wrapper, its the texture of that cold sticky rice that does me in.  I just can’t stand it.  There was one week a couple of months ago that I thought my dislike for sushi had been cured.  I had bought some from Fresh Market…a California roll (with imitation crab) and I actually enjoyed it!  For the first time EVER I was actually able to eat sushi and not gag!

crochet sushi

I was so proud of myself that I had to try it again…in the same week.  Crazy I know, but I was so excited to explore this new food.  We went to this great Chinese place that had these cute little bento box dinners that came with sushi.  Unfortunately that sushi was a little too close to my General Tso’s chicken and got warm.  One taste of that warm sushi snapped me out of any progress made with the food.  I gagged, and now cannot bring myself to try it again…or at least not for a little while so in the meantime I decided to make myself some crochet sushi that I can just look at and not have to eat! 🙂

These adorable little sushi’s can be made with your favorite worsted weight yarn and filled with either fiberfill or scrap yarn pieces.

A printable PDF version of this pattern is available for purchase here.

Crochet Sushi Pattern


  • Size 4.0 mm crochet hook
  • 1 skein in each color of Loops and Threads Impeccable Yarn:  Black, Lippy, White and Grass (worsted weight acrylic yarn)
  • fiberfill
  • scissors
  • yarn needle


  • Ch – chain
  • Sc – single crochet
  • Inc – increase by making two sc in the same stitch
  • Dec – decrease by making 1 sc over two stitches


Begin each round with a chain 1, and start the first stitch of the round in the same stitch as the chain 1.

When ending the round, join using slip stitch with the 1st stitch of the round and NOT the chain 1.

Special note for color changes:

When you reach the last stitch of the round before you’re about to change colors, use the new color for the final yarn over to complete that last stitch.  This will make for an even color transition!


Round 1: In color Lippy, 8sc in magic ring.  Cut yarn and attach Grass.

Round 2: *inc, sc; repeat from * to end (12)

Cut yarn, attach White.

Round 3: Repeat round 2. (18)

Cut yarn, attach Black

Round 4: working in outer loops, sc to end

Round 5: working in both loops sc to end

Rounds 6 – 10: sc to end

At the end of the 10th round, cut yarn and attach White.

Round 11: sc to end

Cut yarn, attach Grass.

Round 12: working in inner loops, *sc, dec; repeat from * to end (12)

Cut yarn, attach Lippy.

Stuff your sushi piece with fiberfill.

Round 13: *sc, dec; repeat from * to end (8)

Cut yarn, stitch opening closed, and weave in your tail.

Make five more sushi pieces for a complete set!  Enjoy!

crochet sushi platter

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  1. These are so cute! Plus, you can leave it out on the counter and it won’t go bad – ha!
    I love sushi, though the rice is a bit funny sometimes. And it has to be cold, not even room temperature. Maybe if you tried some of the kind that isn’t rolled up, but the fish is laid over the rice, so you’ll have equal bits of fish and rice in your mouth at once (sounds weird, sorry) (also don’t know what it’s called, sorry).

    1. Hahaha, thanks Jessica!! I will definitely have to try that kind of sushi and see how that goes! 🙂 Thank you so much for stopping by!!

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