Pattern Review: The Caron Cake Knit Triangular Shawl

The Caron Cake Knit Triangular Shawl free pattern can be found here or on the label of a skein of Caron Cake yarn in the color “Cake Pop”!

Caron Cake Knit Triangular Shawl

I want to start by saying that I absolutely LOVED this pattern!  It was super easy to follow and in the end I made something that I actually plan on wearing – once the weather permits.

This shawl’s journey started about a year ago when I went into Michael’s on one of my routine yarn trips when I found an aisle end cap full of Caron Cakes.  At the time I was super late to the Caron Cake band wagon as people had been going crazy over them for months.  So of course, I wanted to join in the fun and give them a try too.  (If you have not tried them out yet, I highly recommend it!)

I fell in love with the color Cake Pop, and fell even more in love with the shawl pattern that came for free on the yarn skein label!

When I first started the project, I was working on it regularly.  I took it on a couple winter beach trips and got a lot done, but after returning home from our last beach trip for the winter, I ended up starting a couple other patterns.  My poor shawl was pushed down to the bottom of my project basket – not because I was bored with it but because I genuinely had forgotten about it until I was looking for my size 8 adjustable needles… and voila!  The shawl was found once again!

Caron Cake Knit Triangular Shawl

If I am being totally honest, I can be a bit naughty…. I have been known to steal needles away from projects by just sliding the stitches off of the needles, leaving all those loops to fend for themselves until I feel like coming back to it, and sometimes that never happens.  But, I did NOT want that to happen to this shawl!

I told myself that in order to free up my needles I needed to finish this shawl.  Which honestly, I was happy to do because I actually missed it!  Does this ever happen to you to??  Please say that I am not alone, haha!

I just finished up this past weekend and I am super excited because it’s just in time for cool weather.  This is definitely going to be one of my go-to scarves for this fall and winter season, and I can’t wait to show it of!

Do you think you will give this pattern a try?  Let me know in the comments below!

Get the free pattern here!

Caron Cake Knit Triangular Shawl


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  1. Did you use the full 2 skeins for this pattern? I’m asking because I have a similar yarn, but it’s onlly 590 yards wher the 2 cakes of caron is 766.

    1. Hi Cassie! Yes, this pattern used up both skeins almost exactly. If I remember correctly, I was a little worried I wouldn’t have enough yarn – but I did!

  2. Hey there, I saw you now how to crochet too. I’m curious about doing this size and shape etc but in a crochet. The link you have attached doesn’t lead me to anything. I was curious your thoughts on how to make this in a crochet. If you aren’t too busy.

  3. I am confused about when to start decreasing. The pattern says to increase “until piece measures
    approx. 32″ [81.5 cm] along straight edge, ending on a 7th row.” What is the straight edge?

    1. That would be the edge opposite to the triangular edge you are forming. But, this pattern calls for two yarn cakes, so I would stop while you still have a little bit left of the first cake left, as the decrease side will take up the same exact amount of yarn as the first. This will ensure you have enough yarn!

      1. I am using different yarn , so I can’t count on the amount of yarn. Also is it important to end increase on a 7th row? Thank you for replying!

        1. Oh I see! You would still want to make sure you are using a little less than half of your yarn for the increase rows because you’ll need the same amount of yarn for the second half.

          For the first half of the pattern, you’ll be repeating rows 6 and 7. Repeats of row 6 will be increase rows because you are adding yarn overs. Repeats of 7 are simply knitted. For your last row of the increase portion, you’ll end on a repeat of row 7 which in other words is a knitted row without any yarn overs.

  4. Mine came out square… What did I do wrong~? I followed the pattern until it was 32 inches “on the cable” Working edge… To me that is what I thought was the straight edge.

    1. Hmm… it sounds like you perhaps knitted it from the tip of the triangle and up as opposed to knitting from one side of the triangle shawl to the other side of the triangle shawl. So if you are looking at the shawl flat out in front of you in the direction of which you would plan to wear it, the knitted garter stitch lines should be vertical and not horizontal, if that makes sense. It’s been a while since I last made this and unfortunately I was not the author of the pattern (I found the pattern inside my yarn label) or I might have some more helpful input! I hope this helps!

  5. Could anyone please share the pattern with me?
    The link isn’t there anymore and I’d love to try it.

    Thanks 🙂

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