DIY Toys: Mini Star Wars Crochets

My brother is a HUGE Star Wars fan…huge.  When we were kids the only sound you would hear when he was playing was “pew! pew! pew!” while running around pretending to be Luke Skywalker.  With this knowledge you can imagine my excitement when I came across these little guys on Etsy.

 They are based on Lucy Ravensar’s designs, you can check out her patterns here.  She has pretty much any Star Wars character you could possibly want to make, it’s awesome!

I used a 3.5 mm crochet hook and Red Heart yarn.  I had originally planned to make these and send them to him for his birthday but didn’t end up finishing them up in time so he got them for Christmas instead.  They turned out really cute and my brother loved them!
Mini Yoda!
Mini C3PO!
Mini Darth Vader!
Mini R2D2!
Did you crochet anyone a gift this year??
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    I had pinned the original pattern on my to do board, they are just sooo lovely. My sons would love them but I think I'm going to have to make them for myself! Can't help it, I'm gonna have to pin yours too!

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