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Crochet Bow Necklace Tutorial

Last night I went to the local pool and swam laps for the first time in ages.  It felt so good to get in the water.  Back in high school I was on the swim team and used to enjoy it so much but in college I stopped going to the pool.  I think the open swim times were inconvenient or maybe I was just lazy, haha.

One of the main reasons its probably my favorite workout is because you never feel hot while your swimming, so no matter how hard I swim, I always feel squeaky clean and not sweaty!  Win, win.  
After I got home from the pool, I whipped up these little numbers.  I love the combination of fuzzy yarn and a metallic chain…it’s so cute!  Who doesn’t love bows or necklaces so why not join the two?  Bring yarn into the mix…I’m in!  
Size 5.5 mm Crochet hook
Worsted Weight Acrylic yarn
Necklace chain cut to the length you want (mine was 26″)
2 small jump rings
Chain 20
Join the last chain with the first chain by a slip stitch to create a round.
Rounds 1-4: HDC (half double crochet) in each chain stitch to the end of the round.  Repeat this for 4 rounds.
Bind off leaving a long tail (about 2-3 arm lengths).  Flip the piece over and take the two tails and tie them together with a knot to make the bow.
Flip over back and forth knotting a few times to secure the shape of the bow.  End with your last knot on the front side.
Now, flip the bow over so the backside faces up.  Line the middle of the chain with the center of the bow and use the tails to knot it in place.
Take the long tail and wrap around the center of the bow until you get the look you like.
Use a yarn needle to tuck in the loose tails.
Grab your clasp and jump rings.
Use your pliers to open the jump rings.
Slip the clasp and chain on the jump ring.
Close the jump ring.
And there you have it, a beautiful new piece of jewelry!!
Don’t have a necklace chain?  Make your own by making a long crochet chain.
Have a great day!!
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  1. I love necklaces, I love bows, this is a perfect combo! I'm thinking they look really quick, I'm sure I could rustle a whole heap of these up whilst watching an hour of TV – look out teen/preteen girls in my family, I think we all know what you will be getting for your birthdays in 2014! (I may even make one for myself and call it a Doctor Who inspired bow tie necklace)

  2. Brittany these are so cute!! I saw them featured yesterday on a link party. I wish I knew how to crochet but never got the hang of it.

    As I said before LOVE your site and all the crafts. You are super talented. Thanks for all the sweet comments yesterday on my Valentine Heart Trees. Looking forward to keeping in touch and following you.

    1. Hi Courtney! Thank you for the kind words, you're so sweet. I love your site as well and I can't wait to see what creations you come up with next!

      Also, if you are trying to learn to crochet check out youtube, that's how I learned. It's really all in how you hold the hook. Once you get that down, its smooth sailing!

    1. Hi Janet, thanks for stopping by! And that's awesome, I hope you do!! I learned to crochet a couple years ago and all I used was youtube. Youtube can teach you to do just about anything!

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