Income Reports

Welcome to my blogging income reports page!  I’ll be sharing my monthly income earned and traffic reports from my blog each month.  To find the reports and learn a little more about why I’m doing this, keep on reading below!

Just Be Crafty Income Reports

Each month I post my blog income reports of money earned from as well as traffic reports to give me a chance evaluate each month to see whats working for me and what’s not.  When I was in the early stages of my blogging journey, this is something I was constantly searching for and never really found much information that was relevant to me.

And… the only income reports I was seeing were from bloggers making multiples of 10s of thousands of dollars and no offense to those bloggers at all (go-them!), but its not super helpful when you are a smaller to medium sized blog and falling into a comparison mode with the big guys!

As a small to medium sized blogger, I’m hoping that posting these reports will help other crochet/knitting bloggers or those wanting to start a blog get some sort of point of reference for income targets/audience size but know that this is purely based on my own personal experience.

Please note that I started this blog in 2012 and have been at this for 8 years!  I know some blogs that have grown at a much faster pace than mine and those that have grown at a much slower pace than mine.  I didn’t really start making my blog a priority and treating it more like a business until about 2017 / 2018.  We are all different and will each have unique experiences to share, this is simply my story!

The below numbers list my gross income for each month.  Please see each link for more details on my income breakdown and net profits. 

Just Be Crafty Monthly Income Reports