June 2020

June Blog Income Report

Welcome to my June 2020 Income Report.  Below I break out all of my income sources from the month as well as my expenses.

June 2020 Income

  • Adthrive Payment –$1,875
  • Etsy Sales – $537.46
  • Youtube – $134.41
  • Amazon Affiliate – $33.60
  • Sponsored Content – $288.76

Income Total: $2,896.23

June 2020 Expenses

  • G-Suite – $48.00
  • PicMonkey – $7.99
  • MiloTree – $9.00
  • Tailwind – $14.99
  • Media Temple (blog host) – $26.45
  • Supplies (yarn) – $0.00
  • Mailchimp – $189.00
  • Health/Dental/Vision Insurance – $325.18

Expense Total: $620.61

June 2020 Profit Total: $2,248.62

June 2020 In Review

  • Adthrive – Super happy with Adthrive ad revenue, but significantly down and slightly up from May.  Due to COVID-19 everyone is seeing budget cuts right now, and the ad industry is no different!  Budgets seem to have been cut across the board, so ad revenue is way down.
  • Etsy Sales – Etsy sales are looking great and are still up this month, and relatively flat with May.  Pattern sales increase is likely in relation to more people spending time online and looking for crafts to do at home during quarantine.
  • Youtube – 13,700 Youtube subscribers.
  • Amazon Affiliate – Amazon affiliate earnings are down this month.  This income really seems to vary, and not super dependable for me.
  • Sponsored Content – This will always vary – I had one sponsored project this month.
  • Blog posts – I posted 1 blog post this month.  I temporarily went back to my desk job (to fill in for the person who replaced me when I left to blog full-time), so blogging bandwidth was running thin!
  • Final Thoughts – Considering I only posted 1 blog post this month (a crochet pattern) and still netted over $2,000 – I’ll take it!

Traffic Report

Below is a screenshot of my Google Analytics account summary from June.  My main blog traffic source is from Pinterest.

Google Analytics

June 2020 Income Report