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Crochet Chunky Hat Pattern

These simple Crochet Chunky Hats make for the perfect gift for family and friends!  Learn how easy they are to make by following along with the pattern and step by step video tutorial!

Crochet Chunky Hat Pattern

Hello friends!  Welcome back to my blog and if you’re new here, welcome!  I’m so glad to have you!  Today I’m sharing a fun new crochet pattern – the Crochet Chunky Hat pattern!  I absolutely love this pattern because its super quick and simple, but in the end you get a hat that looks like something you would see in a boutique!

To make your own hat, keep scrolling to find the pattern and tutorial below!

Crochet Chunky Hat Pattern

Video Tutorial

This pattern and video tutorial is completely beginner friendly and will use the following skills:

  • Chaining
  • Half double crochet
  • Whip stitch (to sew the hat together)

Left Handed Video Tutorial

Right Handed Video Tutorial

Crochet Chunky Hat Pattern


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Printable pattern options:

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Sizing & Finished Measurements

Crochet Hat Size Chart


  • 9 stitches by 6 rows = 4 inches in half double crochet ribbing

Pattern Notes

  • The pattern is written in size small, medium, large, with small being child size, medium for teens, and large for adults.
  • If you prefer a snugger fit, size down, and or size down your crochet hook.
  • Sizes are listed as follows for yarn amounts and pattern directions:
    • S (M, L)



  • ch – chain
  • hdc – half double crochet

CROCHET CHUNKY HAT – Pattern starts here:

Chain 26, (30, 33)

Row 1: Starting in 3rd ch from hook, hdc across row in back bar of chain, turn. 24 (28, 31)

Row 2: Ch 2, hdc in back loops only across row, turn. 24 (28, 31)

Repeat Row 2 for a total of 22 (25, 28) rows.

Crochet Chunky Hat Pattern

Leaving a tail that’s approximately 2 – 3 arm’s lengths long, fasten off.


Fold piece in half so that the starting and finishing edges are touching. Line up your stitches. Thread tail into yarn needle and whip stitch hat seam closed.


Using yarn needle insert the hook and whip stitch into the side of each stitch in every row around the top of hat.

Once you reach back around to where you started, gently pull your yarn tail to cinch closed.

Take yarn needle and secure cinch and close any remaining hole with whip stitch. Knot and fasten off. Pull any tails to the inside of the hat.


Using your pom pom maker, create a 3 inch pom pom.

Make sure you leave a long tail so that you can easily attach your pom pom to your hat!


Lay hat and pom pom out in front of you. Use pom pom tails and a yarn needle to attach pom pom to center top of the hat.

Knot tails on inside of hat to secure.


Weave in all ends.

Crochet Chunky Hat Pattern


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  1. Thanks for this quick and easy pattern! I will crochet many for my local homeless project and even for gifts for my family♥ Be safe Brittany!

  2. Maybe I am missing it, but what are the counts for the starting chains for each size? I heard from the video that a size Small is 26. Should we also add two to each of the counts at the end of Row 1 for the other sizes? Medium 28 plus 2 (30 starting chain) and Large 31 plus 2 (33 starting chain)? Thank you.

    1. HI CJ! I just realized I left out the starting chain amounts! I’ve updated the pattern, so you’ll find the chain amounts listed in the pattern.

    1. Hi Mary! You’ll chain 33 for an adult hat. I just realized I left out the starting chain amounts! I’ve updated the pattern, so you’ll find the chain amounts listed in the pattern.

      1. Hi I have one more question on the hat it says to do 5 rows for the ribbed part and then it jumps to round #7 to start the knit each row but what do you do on row 6? Thanks

        1. HI Mary! For this hat you’ll be repeating crochet instructions for Row 2 for the remainder of the project. Depending on the size you’re making will determine the amount of rows you’ll repeat.

          It sounds like maybe you are trying a knitted hat? I have the Lake Erie Chunky Ski hat pattern that you may be referring to, which has Rounds 1 – 7 as knitted ribbing and then starting Round 8, you’ll be working in knit stitches only. (You can find the Lake Erie Chunky Ski hat pattern here: https://justbcrafty.com/2018/01/the-lake-erie-chunky-ski-hat-pattern.html)

          Hope this helps!

  3. Hi Brittany – is there any way to crochet a ribbed hat in the round instead of back & forth rows, so that you don’t have to sew it together when done? Thanks!

    1. Hi Christine! Not with hdc ribbing, because its worked horizontally and then you rotate it so that the ribbing is vertical when you form the hat. The seam isn’t visible in the end though, I promise!

    1. Hi Mary, that is not a Just Be Crafty pattern, perhaps you found that pattern on a different website from another designer. Thanks!

  4. Hi Brittany, I was curious to know if the adult size shrinks up when sewed together? It seems like its going to be huge but I was thinking it might all come together once I assemble it.

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