DIY Painted iPhone 5s Case

My new phone came in the mail on Monday!  I’m so excited to start using it, mostly for the picture taking.  All my blog pictures so far have been taken with the iPhone 4 and for a cell phone it seems to do pretty well.  This will be my last post with the 4 photos, and I am so excited to see what the 5s can do!  

I have been playing around with the camera a little and there is definitely a difference in picture qualitly.  The most noticeable difference I observed was with the low light photos, the 5s ones look way better.  
Other than the camera feature, the most exciting part of getting a new phone is finding the perfect case. That’s the only thing you really see anyways.  I spent the past couple days scouring the internet for cool DIY cases and stumbled on this nail polish idea from the lovely ladies at A Beautiful Mess.  I LOVE their blog and they always have the most inspiring craft ideas.
To make this I bought a cheap clear case, picked out my favorite nail polishes and painted some colorful stripes.  I practiced a bit on a ceramic plate to make sure the polishes I picked painted evenly.
After the polish dried I sealed it with a gloss glaze.  
Let it dry all night, and now I can enjoy my new case!
Have a great day!

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  1. Fabulous idea ! I have a functional blackberry otterbox case – black – maybe one day they will design some prettier ones – until then I need the functionality over the pretty 😉 My children are always dropping my phone!

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