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Knit Stitch Library Series: The Seed Stitch

The seed stitch is a reversible stitch, so it looks the same on the front and back of your work!  This simple but beautiful stitch is created by alternating knits and purls.

Knit Stitch Library: Seed Stitch Pattern by Just Be Crafty

Hello and welcome back to my blog!  I am kicking off this week with a new series – the Knit Stitch Library!  I am planning to create a source of beautiful stitches for myself and others to come back to and reference for when designing new patterns.

The first stitch pattern in this series is the seed stitch.  The seed stitch is one of my all time favorite stitches because it creates a beautiful texture, is SUPER simple, and looks the same on the front and back!

Seed Stitch Pattern


  • The seed stitch is created when you knit into purl stitches and purl into knit stitches as they face you.
    • If you notice your piece is looking like Rib Stitch, then you are knitting into the knits and purling into the purls as they face you – simply pull out your stitches and try again.
  • Personally, I like to work the seed stitch in an odd number – this makes the pattern very easy because you will be working the pattern identically on both the front and back.


  • yarn of choice
  • knitting needles of choice

Cast on an odd number of stitches.  (For example purposes, try casting on 15)

Row 1: *k1, p1; repeat from * to last stitch, k1

Row 2: repeat Row 1

Repeat Rows 1 and 2 to your desired length.

Bind off in k1, p1.

Just Be Crafty Patterns that feature the Seed Stitch:

Seed Stitch Stripe Dishcloth

Seed Stitch Stripe Dishcloth Pattern

Seed Stitch Dishcloth Pattern

Seed Stitch Dishcloth Pattern

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