Mini Bow Bookmark! A Free Crochet Pattern & Tutorial

Hello earthlings!  I have a super simple and quick project to share with you today, the Crochet Mini Bow Bookmark.  I don’t know about your neck of the woods but it has been hot and humid as heck out here!  Not that I am complaining…I love me some sunshine but when the weather is how it is the last thing I want is warm fuzzy yarn all over me.  I thought it would be a good idea to come up with a project that is not time consuming and won’t leave your hands feeling too hot and uncomfortable.  Knit up a few of them to take for your beach reads or an unexpected surprise for a friend!

Here’s how to make your own!
Crochet Mini Bow Bookmark Pattern


-Size 5.5 mm crochet hook
-worsted weight acrylic yarn
-yarn needle
ch – chain
sc – single crochet
hdc – half double crochet
Beginning with approximately 8″ of tail, Chain 10.
Row 1: On the underside of the crochet chain, insert your hook in the third bar from the hook, and hdc in each chain  until you reach the end of the row, ch 2 and turn.  (You should have 8 stitches.)
Row 2: hdc in each stitch across the row, ch 2 and turn.
Row 3: hdc in each stitch across the row, ch 2 and turn.
Row 4: hdc in each stitch across the row.
Your rectangle should look like the photo below.
Do not cut yarn, continue to edging.
Single crochet along the side, bottom and other side of the rectangle and stop where I have marked in the photo below.  Join your last stitch and the first stitch of the top row with a slip stitch.
This is what your finished rectangle should look like.  Cut yarn leaving a tail that’s about three arm’s lengths long.
Take your yarn needle and weave in your long tail along the bottom, until it reaches the middle of the rectangle. Pull through.
Repeat previous step for the shorter tail along the top of the rectangle.
You should now have this.
Take the tails and tie them together to form the bow.  Flip the bow back and forth a couple times, knotting the tails on the front and back to secure the bow shape.  End with a knot on the back of the bow.
Take the long tail and wrap evenly around the middle of the bow to form the center.  Once you have the bow the way you like it, on the back side of the bow tie the two tails together tightly.
Weave in the short tail.
Forming the bookmark tail:
This next part is a bit tricky.  Make a slip knot (just as you normally would to start a crochet chain) as close to the bows center as possible, and chain 50.  Secure yarn and cut.
Whip up the bookmarks in all sorts of colors.
Read a book!
Have a great day!!


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