$30 DIY Whimsical Porch

When I lived in by the coast one of my favourite things to do was go to the beach, my second favourite thing to do was drive around looking at all the gorgeous beach houses that I hope to one day live in…a girl can dream! One thing a lot of beach houses had in common (that I absolutely loved) was sheer curtains hanging on the porches. Driving by those homes with the whimsical sheers blowing in the warm wind made me want to sit on their porch and read a great book. Quite often, you see a flagpole by the side of porches proudly flying the flag and I think this really completes the aesthetic so, one day, I think this is something I’d like to implement into the design of my own home.
You would also know that, in winter, the sheer curtains that were hanging on the porch would provide us with some form of protection against the cold winter months that we will be expected to experience when that time of year comes around. Although, when it comes to a house near a beach, who knows how many cold days you will experience? It is expected to be much less likely than if you lived in Bloomington as my friend does. It can be cold most of the time there, and she’s recently had to contact somewhere like https://summersphc.com/bloomington/services/heating/furnace-repair/ to come and fix her furnace for her because it’s not working as it should. Hopefully, she will feel the warm breeze soon. But I don’t know why she just doesn’t decide to move to Wilmington where the sun is shining nearly all of the time. I can definitely see myself doing this. The wilmington, nc real estate options are really appealing to potential buyers looking in that area. There are some great properties out there, especially if you’d like to enjoy the coastal lifestyle of the East Coast.

I am no longer by the beach but I figured why not bring some beach-y-ness and whimsy to my little home! Not only does it create a magical and relaxing outdoor experience but it also adds privacy while I’m outside on my tiny porch. Recently, I have been looking at house alarms for security reasons which I would probably install on the porch. However, I wanted the porch to look a little nicer before adding the alarm system! We are lucky enough to be on the third floor with a pretty flowering tree right next to us, so we do have some privacy already but the sheers really top it off.

This is a cheap project that can really add a lot to a small outdoor space. It was super cheap for me because I already had the rods and sheers. All I had to buy was the hanging hardware, which I am sure is somewhere, but couldn’t find the pieces.

DIY: $30 Whimsical Porch
2 adjustable Walmart curtain rods, nails and hardware should be included – $5
4 sheer panels, whatever length you want, mine are 84″ – $20-25
Figure out the length you want the curtain rod to be and nail in the hardware.
Clip in the curtain rod and make sure its level (or close to it, it doesn’t have to be perfect). Take down the rod, and slide on the curtains and clip rod back into place. You’re done, enjoy!

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