Knit Makeup Pouch

Hello my friends I hope you had a lovely weekend!  Trisden and I had a great weekend of relaxing, movie watching, games and……deep frying!  My father in law bought us a deep fryer a few months ago and let me just say it is a very dangerous, dangerous tool.  We held off on buying oil for as long as we could because I knew as soon as bought some, we’d be frying everything but the kitchen sink.  Friday this all came to an end when we decided to bite the bullet and buy oil.  
For our first homemade deep fried meal we cooked up some buffalo chicken wings and fries.  Let me tell you they were delicious!!  I enjoyed every last bit of the greasy goodness and to be honest I think we are frying some fish tonight for dinner, but after today I’m putting fryer away for a while.  I think that’s best.
In addition to deep frying this weekend, I went through my old craft supplies to find some project inspiration for the coming months and found my bobble stitch pouch.  I made it a couple years ago and the pattern can be found

here.  It ended up at the bottom of my heaping yarn stash alone and forgotten.  I figured it could be put to good use as little makeup bag for my purse to stash some beauty essentials.

I know I have said this before but I LOVE a craft that is cute and can be put to functional use.  It makes projects so much more rewarding and enjoyable to put the time in if you know that it’s going to be put to good use once you bind off those stitches.  In the case of this project, I had this mind set while I was knitting it but must have forgotten, because it still ended up at the bottom of my yarn box.  But I am so happy I found it!!
I stashed some of my favorite beauty supplies into the little pouch and now I have practical age old craft that I can carry around with me in the modern world!
Have a great day!!

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