The Embroidery Hoop Clock

Our living room has been in need of a clock for a while now.   I know from experience that it can get a little annoying if every time you want to check the time you have to peek into the kitchen at the microwave .  It’s especially annoying if you need the time in a pinch and the clock just says “:20” because you forgot to hit  the clear button after nuking that casserole for dinner last night.  I was finally fed up with this minor inconvenience and made a clock.

I’ve actually had the materials for this project for some time now but I have just been putting off making  it because I wasn’t sure if it would really turn out plus the clock mechanism looked a little intimidating.  I thought starting this project would be some long process that would take forever but that actually couldn’t be further from the truth!  The clock actually came together quite quickly and I am super happy with how it turned out.  Plus now I don’t need to hit the clear button on the microwave every time I want to know what time it is!  
This project is a really fun and mindless craft and perfect for working on over the course of a couple days.  If you’ve been around for a while you have probably noticed that’s how most of my projects are, mindless stuff you can do in a couple days while watching your favorite shows/movies.  It’s sorta my thing…I craft, I eat, I sleep….hehehehe.
To make this awesome clock, here’s what you’ll need:
Embroidery hoop
canvas fabric
clock mechanism
black embroidery floss
scrap yarn/string
Type up the numbers in the font and size you want in your favorite word processor.  I used Google Docs with the font “Roboto Condensed”  in size 96.  Print and cut out all your numbers.
Grab a big sheet of paper that’s larger than your hoop, or just tape a few sheets together like I did, and trace the inside of the hoop.
Arrange the numbers around the circle and tape in place.
Now it’s time to trace the numbers on the fabric.  Since the fabric I used was too thick to see the numbers through it, I put a lamp under a glass table and traced.  If you don’t have a glass table use the window on a sunny day!
After all the numbers are traced on, lightly trace the inside of the hoop onto the fabric.  Arrange fabric on the inner loop and slide the outer loop on.  Using the lightly traced circle as a guide, gently pull the fabric in small pieces at a time to get the clock as centered and tight as possible.
Embroider the numbers.  
1.  Using the photos as a guide, pick your starting point and pull threaded needle from the back to the front.
2.  Insert the needle about 1/8in away from where you just pulled the thread through along the tracing.  
3.  Pull tight.  Insert needle from the back about 1/8in away from last stitch.
4.  Insert needle it into the previous stitch, like the last photo on the right shows.  And keep repeating these steps for all the numbers.
The numbers are finally done!
Find the center of the clock and make a hole just big enough for the clock shaft to fit through.
Attach the clock mechanism.
Attach the hands by following the package instructions.
To help support the clock part, use scrap yarn to attach the hoop to the clock like I did here.
Give the clock on last glance and tug the fabric tight from the front.  Now, take some embroidery thread and string through the left over fabric in the back.  
Cut the excess so the clock can hang flat, but don’t over trim.  It’s important to no over trim because the fabric will become loose over time and you’ll want to have a bit of extra fabric to tighten it down the road.
Hang on your favorite wall, and never be late again!
Have a great day!!
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  1. Well this is one of the most clever projects I have seen in a long time. I love it! GREAT job!

    – Tasha @ Designer Trapped in a Lawyer's Body {}

  2. Brittany: this is sheer genius right here. And reason #4028 why I need to learn how to embroider. Seriously, this might be the project that finally pushes me over the edge into actual determination to give this new medium a try. Sharing it on my Facebook page right…now!

    1. Hi Lauren, thank you so much!! You definitely should give it a try, I can't wait to see what you come up with!! Also, thanks for sharing!! 🙂

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