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Wine Bottle Sweater Pattern and Video Tutorial

Create the perfect holiday hostess gift with this wine bottle sweater pattern. Follow along with my free written pattern and video tutorial to knit a cozy sweater for your wine bottles. Perfect for holiday parties and quick to make!

Finished knitted wine bottle sweater in holiday colors

About the Wine Bottle Sweater Pattern:

This wine bottle sweater pattern is perfect for adding a personal touch to your holiday gifts. Designed with the holiday season in mind, it makes an ideal hostess gift for any festive gathering. The pattern features a stylish cabled design, which not only looks intricate but also adds a charming, elegant touch to any gifted wine bottle.

Close-up of knit and purl stitches in wine bottle sweater pattern

One of the best aspects of this project is how quickly it knits up. Even though it appears complex, this pattern is straightforward, making it suitable for intermediate knitters who are comfortable with basic knitting techniques. The quick turnaround time means you can whip up several of these wine sweaters in no time, perfect for last-minute gifts.

So whether you’re attending a holiday party, hosting a dinner, or looking for a unique gift for a wine-loving friend, this wine bottle sweater is sure to impress. The combination of knit and purl stitches along with cables creates a beautiful texture that enhances the overall look of the sweater.

wine bottle sweater in use

This wine bottle sweater pattern is a quick and fun project that’s perfect for the holidays. Share your creations with me and enjoy gifting these cozy wine bottle covers to your friends and family.

Wine Bottle Sweater Video Tutorial

Follow my step-by-step video tutorial to knit your wine bottle sweater. This tutorial is geared towards intermediate knitters and assumes you know the following skills:

  • Casting on
  • knit stitch
  • purl stitch
  • Binding off

Once you’ve masters the above skills, I’m confident you can tackle this pattern!

The right and left handed video tutorials provides a step-by-step guide, ensuring that you can easily follow along and complete your wine bottle sweater with confidence.

Right Handed:

Left Handed:

Knitting wine bottle sweater in progress

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Access the pattern

  • To view the pattern for free here on my blog, keep scrolling!
  • Purchase the ad-free printable PDF pattern here!
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  • co – cast on
  • k – knit
  • p – purl
  • kfb – knit in the front and back loops
  • C8R – 8 stitch right cable
knitted wine bottle sweater on a kitchen counter

PATTERN NOTE: “C8R” means 8 stitch cable to the right.  To do this, move 4 stitches onto your stitch holder and put behind your working needles, knit 4 and then knit the 4 stitches off of the stitch holder.


Co 8 st on 4 dpn with 2 stitches per needle (making sure you have  not twisted your stitches)

Round 1:  kfb in every stitch (16)

Round 2: knit in every stitch

Round 3: *kfb, k1; repeat from * to end of round (24)

Round 4: knit in every stitch

Round 5: *kfb, k2; repeat from * to end of round (32)

Round 6: knit in every stitch

Round 7: *kfb, k3; repeat from * to end of round (40)

Round 8: knit in every stitch

Round 9: *kfb, k4; repeat from * to end of round (48)

Round 10: knit in every stitch

Round 11: *kfb, k5; repeat from * to end of round (56)

Round 12: knit in every stitch


Round 13: *k1, p2, C8R, p2, k1, repeat from *3 more times

Round 14: *k1, p2, k8, p2, k1, repeat from * 3 more times

Round 15-19: repeat Round 14

You’ll now repeat Rounds 13-19 until entire piece measures 10 ½ inches or desired length for your wine bottle


Lastly, for the collar, work back and forth in rows by knitting all the way across the row and turning the work once you get to the last stitch.  Then, knit your way back.

Row 1: turn work and k1, p1 to end of row, turn work

Row 2: k1, p1

Keep repeating k1, p1 until ribbed collar measures 2 ½ inches

wine bottle sweater in progress

Bind off in 1×1 ribbing and weave in loose ends.

knitted wine bottle sweater before buttons are attached

Using photos a guide for placement, stitch on three buttons using embroidery floss and sewing needle.

finished wine bottle sweater and wine bottle

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    1. Hi Alice! Thank you for your comment! I do not currently have a crochet version, but will definitely consider making one in the near future.

  1. The “thing amabob” you are using “instead” of a cable needle is an actual cable needle ?
    They were the first ones I used before buying the “clover” ones.
    They sell them on Amazon.
    I’ll definitely be making this pattern. I love working with dpn and I make my own wine ?

    1. OMG thank YOU, that’s probably why it worked so well LOL :D! And so fun that you make your own wine. That’s definitely on my list of things to DIY someday. Happy knitting to you!

  2. Is the 9 1/2″ measurement measured from where the sides (not bottom) start? so just the vertical dimension, not the round bottom?

    1. It should read 10.5 inches, and this includes the round bottom. (I am making that correction in the pattern now!) But you can make yours shorter or longer depending on your wine bottle or preference!

  3. Do you know about how much yarn each wine bottle sweater uses? I love this pattern. We have a lot of wine drinkers in our family and I thought this would be perfect for each one of them.

    1. Hi Stephanie! I estimate the sweaters take about 160 – 170 yards of 4-medium weight yarn (ex. Red Heart Super Saver, Big Twist Sincerely, Big Twist Value, etc.)

  4. Hi!! I was wondering if this pattern was stretchy enough to accommodate a wider bottle like a champagne bottle or if you had any suggestions on how to adjust the pattern to fit a champagne bottle.
    Also would a 5 weight yarn still be suitable for the needles and pattern?

    1. Hi Dani! Though I haven’t tried it, the pattern as is could most likely stretch to fit a champagne bottle. If you fear it might be too tight, you could try using a larger set of knitting needles. Regarding 5-weight yarn, it’s hard to say because yarns within a certain weight category could be very different. If your 5-weight yarn is closer to a 4-weight I think it would work well (though you would probably need to size up your needles to a 7) but if it’s closer to a 6-weight I think it would end up too big.

      When making the circle at the bottom, you can keep increasing until your circle is the same size as the bottom of the wine bottle, but you’ll just have to take into account the added or subtracted stitches once you get to the body portion… if that makes sense :).

  5. Great pattern. Digging out my dpn’s and hope to get one done for Christmas…. my son-in-law is a devoted “wino”… in a good way!

  6. I just finished making this and it came out quite nice, thanks for your time and attention to helping us through the pattern! It did take me a few tries to get it started but I stuck with it. I ended up switching yarn for the collar to give a little contrast which worked out well.

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