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Granny Ripple Stitch Video Tutorial & Free Cheat Sheet Download

Learn to crochet the Granny Ripple Stitch in this step by step video tutorial, and then use the free printable to calculate your custom foundation chain!

Granny Ripple Stitch

The Granny Ripple Stitch

Hello and welcome to my blog!  Today’s video tutorial is all about how to do the Granny Ripple Stitch.  The Granny Ripple Stitch is a fun design that features clusters of three double crochets that forms a zig-zagged or rippled fabric.

This ripple design consists of four clusters leading up to each peak and four clusters leading down to each valley.

How many chains to get started?

The above question is one of my most commonly asked!

Since posting the Granny Ripple Stitch photo tutorial I have received many questions on how to figure out the correct amount of chains for blanket size xyz.   To make things easier, I have pulled together the following information in this post so you’ll know exactly how many chains you need for a blanket of ANY size!

  • A compiled chart with common blanket sizes
  • Suggested foundation chain lengths for common blanket sizes
  • How to easily calculate your foundation chain for absolutely ANY blanket size!

I have also put this information together into a FREE cheat sheet download!  (The download link is at the end of the post!)

[How to use your cheat sheet]

Print it out and keep it handy!  Use the cheat sheet along with the full pattern photo and video tutorials.

  • You can find the photo tutorial here
  • See video tutorial below

Video Tutorial

The below chart lists suggested foundation chain amounts for common blanket sizes.  (Please note the gauge information below the chart.)

Granny Ripple Stitch

Blanket Size Chart & Chaining Suggestions

The below chart lists common blanket sizes measured in inches.  The last column lists suggested foundation chain amounts to help you achieve the corresponding blanket size.

*Gauge: Chain amounts are based on use of a 5.0mm crochet hook and a 4-medium (or worsted) weight 100% acrylic yarn.  Each repeat equals approximately 6 inches.

Not finding the specific blanket size for your needs in the above chart?  No problem!  See below for step by step instructions on how to calculate your foundation chain amount in just 5 simple steps – for a blanket of ANY size!

Granny Ripple Stitch

Making A Custom Blanket

This Granny Ripple design is worked in multiples of 24 chains, meaning each repeat is 24 chains.

Not sure how many repeats you need and/or where to start!?  No problem!  Use the instructions listed below to help calculate YOUR unique foundation chain!


STEP 1: Make a swatch.  Start with a foundation chain of 46 and complete at least 6 rows of the Granny Ripple Stitch.  Crochet along with me as I make a swatch in the video tutorial!

STEP 2: Measure one of your upside down “V’s”.  This tells you the width of one repeat.  (ex: 6 inches)

STEP 3: Figure out your desired blanket width. (ex: 42 inches)

STEP 4: Divide your desired width from Step 3 by your repeat measurement in Step 2.  This number tells you how many repeats (or multiples of 24) you will need.  **Round to the nearest whole number if applicable.**

Crochet Blanket Size Chart

STEP 5: Multiply calculation from Step 4 by 24 (which is equal to one repeat).  Then subtract 2.

Granny Ripple Stitch

Wait…why subtract 2??  We subtract 2 at the end because:

  • The last repeat of the row only requires 19 chains (So that subtracts 5 chains from our grand total).
  • To start the row we need to add 3 chains, which counts as the first double crochet.
  • If we subtract 5 and add 3, that gets us to a difference of subtracting 2!

Now that you have your foundation chain total, you’re ready to crochet your blanket!

Click here to grab your FREE Granny Ripple Stitch Foundation Chain Cheat Sheet

Granny Ripple Stitch


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  1. Wonderful tutorial!!! From start to finish, your voice, music and video are perfect. It’s a pleasure to watch and learn along with you. Your narratives and directions are easy to follow and my project is turning out just like yours. I can’t wait to watch more. Thank you and keep up the great work.

    1. Hi Angel, thank you so much for your kind words, you have just made my day!! I’m so happy you enjoyed the tutorial, happy crocheting to you!!! 🙂

  2. Great tutorial! I’m teaching a friend how to crochet and I know your tutorial will really be of help to her. It will be just like my sitting next to her and explaining the process. Thank you for all your time and effort.

  3. Hi!!! I am a long time crocheter of baby blankets for our church…I have always made

    Granny Blankets with verigated colors. Well this time we have a young couple from
    Michigan, we are in Ohio, but dad would like the Blue & Maize and I am determine to
    get some pink in there. I saw your pattern on line and thought it would work!! I thought
    I could run 3 – 4 rows and then switch from blue to maize and then maybe to rows of pink
    and then maybe a pink border of some kind!! Wish me Luck!
    Thanks so much for your blog site,, Sherri

    1. Hi Sherri! Thanks so much for stopping by! That sounds beautiful, I just know the young couple will LOVE your blanket. Happy crocheting to you! I would love to see your finished blanket, feel free to tag me at @justbecraftyblog if you follow along on Instagram or share to the Just Be Crafty Blog Facebook page!!

    1. Hi Holly! Thank you for that suggestion, I do not have a tutorial yet on straightening out a ripple design but will add it to my list of future posts!

  4. Hi Brittany, I think there are a few errors in your chart for sizing. For a twin 97 in. wide and a full/queen 90 in. wide? Also, if 24+24 = 48, then why do you start your swatch with 46? Just pointing that out so you can make corrections for an accurate afghan size.

    1. Hi Shana, thank you for your comment! In the size chart – that is typo. Twin should read 67 for the width, but the chain amount is correct for a 67 inch width. I’ll get that measurement updated.

      As for the foundation chain my example swatch is correct. The foundation chain needs to be worked in a multiple of 24, then you need to subtract 2. Which is where I get 46 (24 x 2)-2)) in my example swatch. If you only did a multiple of 24, the pattern will not work out.

  5. Hi Brittany,
    What brand and type of yarn do you use. The colors are gorgeous and so complimentary to each other.

    1. Hi Gayla! I used Big Twist Value Yarn in Gold, Light Teal, and Soft Gray. I believe Big Twist Yarn is a Joann Fabrics exclusive.

  6. Hello Brittnay, i ran across this pattern and just loved it. I’m thinking about making one for my husband and I’s king-size bed. I see that you used 3 colors of yarn and they are all gorgeous. My question is this: How do you calculate how many skeins of yarn of each color will you need to do your project for this pattern? Thank you again. love the pattern and color scheme.

  7. [email protected]

    I have gone to both your pages for the Granny Ripple and the Granny Stripe, I’m sorry but I think your website is difficult to navigate. It doesn’t seem user friendly to me, and trust me I am an old computer champ. Sorry I couldn’t print the FREE Granny Ripple, I am also willing to pay for it. But couldn’t do it.

    Thank you
    Fran Canto

    1. Hi Fran, I’m sorry you are having issues. You can find the link to the download within this blog post, please click on the link that says “Click here to grab your FREE Granny Ripple Stitch Foundation Chain Cheat Sheet” and it takes you straight to the document.

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